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LaSalle is a company with world-class reputation in the real estate investment management field. Since its establishment in 2002, the Korean branch has completed the investment, development, management and disposal of domestic real estate worth about KRW 1.4 trillion.


As of September 2022, LaSalle Asset Management owns approximately KRW 1.043 trillion in AUM (Inbound investment : GAV / Fund of funds : Commitment / Other investment : NAV) and consists of 12 professionals with expertise and experience in the Korean real estate market and industry.


9/F K-Twin Towers, Tower A
50 Jong-ro 1-gil, Jongno-gu,
Seoul 03142
Republic of Korea

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Korea Overview

Data as of Q3, 2022. Source: LaSalle

Korea Investment Opportunities

LaSalle Korea targets real estate opportunities across the capital structure in both equity and debt investments and directly asset manages its investments locally on behalf of its institutional clients and investors.

Investment Approach

LaSalle Korea’s local team executes an opportunistic and value-add investment discipline when identifying property sectors and trends, focused on seeking outsized risk-adjusted returns for its clients.

Logiport South Icheon (Site-I)

Icheon City, Greater Seoul

  • 100% Dry
  • Planned GFA: 34,684sqm / 10,492pyung
  • Target Completion: 2024

Logiport Icheon

Icheon City, Greater Seoul

  • 100% Dry
  • GFA: 43,405 sqm (13,130 pyung)
  • Completion: 2017

Logiport West Anseong

Anseong City, Greater Seoul

  • Mixed-use
  • GFA: 46,764 sqm (14,146 pyung)
  • Completion: 2018

Logiport Osan

Osan City, Greater Seoul

  • Mixed-use
  • Planned GFA: 39,894 sqm (14,146 pyung)
  • Estimated Completion: 2022

Logiport West Anseong Complex-II

Anseong City, Greater Seoul

  • Mixed-use
  • Planned GFA: 37,871 sqm (11,456 pyung)
  • Estimated Completion: 2022

Project Triangle

Seongsu-dong, Seoul

  • Office Development
  • Planned GFA: 21,421sqm (6,480 pyung)
  • Estimated Completion: 1Q 2026

Logiport Bubal Center-1 and Center-2

Bubal, Icheon, Greater Seoul

  • Mixed-use
  • GFA: 53.942 sqm (16,346 pyung)
  • Completion: 2022 / 2021

Korea Team

AMC License

LaSalle Korea, a subsidiary of LaSalle Investment Management, obtained a Collective Investment License from the Financial Supervisory Service to conduct asset management activities in Korea in April 2013.


LaSalle offers a diverse range of investment vehicles to help clients take advantage of market opportunities and meet their return objectives.


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